That Slit Tho..

Hi my lovely sashers…how is everyone doing? I’ve finally settled into my new place and my room is actually a room(not the clutter box I had originally made it). Recently I have been feeling a little down and out about my weight and I thought I’d share my thoughts and hear back from all of you. So let’s get serious.


I’ve never been a size 2, or 4 heck even a 6. I’m 5’5 and I have always had a more larger physique. Growing up I was always the giant in the class as my growth spurt happened a lot faster than the other girls. So imagine being this height at the age of 11. I hit puberty before anyone else did and I hated my overall experience with being a girl. Which then became the main reason I was such a tomboy.


Everyone around me constantly picked on me including my friends and family. I had very low self esteem, I was beyond shy and reserved. I had a lot of friends, but was never comfortable in my own skin. And I doubt anyone realized that. Eventually I used my thick skin(literally..ha!) to become almost a bully. I stopped caring about what people said and just accepted that this was my body and I was never going to be small. And then I went to College, and exploded. I was 200 pounds. ¬†And even then I was in denial about how unhealthy that was. As long as I was happy, doing normal things and dating someone it didn’t matter what anyone else thought.

That was wrong of me.


I had knee pains, I got bunyons due to the weight. I COULDN’T EVEN WEAR HEELS! And for anyone who knows me, I love my heels. It still didn’t bother me. People were still commenting on how big I got. Eventually 2011 came around and I thought it was time to make a little bit of a difference in my life. I didn’t join the gym or anything just simply cut junk food out of my life, mostly fries. I started to shed a little bit of weight and it felt great.


It’s 2014 and I can proudly say I’ve lost over 45 pounds, and I am very happy. Anyone who loses weight should embrace how far they have come. I have been sitting around pouting about how I don’t look like this celebrity and that celebrity but I just need to be thankful for being healthy. Ladies be conscious of what you eat and how much you exercise. Don’t let all this body image talk put you down. I know seeing all these scandalous pictures on instagram doesn’t help, since it’s constantly in our faces but do you!


3 years ago I would have never even thought about wearing a dress like this. I don’t have skinny legs, I’m not by far as fit or toned as I would like to be. But confidence oozes in your every inch. And that’s where it starts. Get your head right and the rest will come along.




I’m hoping to get more fit by the end of this year, and keep the weight off and eat healthier. Always stay shining sashers, and don’t let anyone bring you down. I learnt the hard way. On the bright side I love this dress to death. The corset part is leather(duh) and very stretchy and comfy. The bottom half has slits on both sides, and was completely sheer. I paired it with some beautiful shoes and a custom necklace and a pearl bracelet. Kept it all under $200, and kept my pocket very happy. I hope to hear from you guys. Stay blessed.



Dress – Suzy Shier | similar here

Shoes – Nine West | similar here

Necklace – Custom | similar here

Bracelet – old | similar here


The Windy City

OH HEY!!! *looks around nervously* in all honesty though I have been in the middle of a move with my family and I never realized what a torture packing and moving is. I never want to do it again. But enough about me, how have my sashers been doing ūüôā I’m going to be updating this site real soon and have all the sparkles and yummy goodness up and running, so stay tuned.

This dress I wore on one of the nights I went out with my cousins to a club(did remind me how old I am)but it was a lot of fun. Partying outside of your city is completely different. I didn’t expect this kind of a night in Chicago but I was impressed.

photo 1

I’m not even going to lie this dress was an emergency purchase during work one day. Don’t ask why, but it was direly important. And the day-to-night transition on this dress is amazing.


I love the cut out details on this dress, simplistic but gorgeous.

photo 2

I only accessorized with my watch and the studded clutch. The dress was $34.95, and you’ve seen the shoes and watch previously. The clutch is a few years old from a store that’s now shut down.

photo 3

photo 4

I’m going to be back with lots more posts about recent bridal showers and weddings. As well as my trip to Montreal a few weekends ago, and i’ll be headed back there again this month so look out for that. What trips have you guys been taking this summer?

photo 5




Dress – H&M | similar here

Shoes – Target | as seen here

Clutch – Costa Blanca | similar here

Watch РBetsey Johnson | as seen here 



Chic for Chicago


How was the long weekend my American neighbors!? Hope you guys maxed out on the partying. I was busy attending a wedding, what a beautiful reception they had. I sadly missed the ceremony as downtown traffic didn’t let me get to the church in time. I was not impressed.


This was at my first tourist day in Chicago at the Art Gallery which I really enjoyed. My poor cousin tagged along but we had such a good time. I wore very dull achy colors to match the dull achy weather at the time. The sweater is beyond comfortable, and with the leather patches on the shoulders it’s just the right amount of LOOVEEE in it. It was part of a gift from my brother last year.


I do wish I got the water coming out of the mouth shot but it just wasn’t happening this day.




The necklace is old you guys have seen it in a previous post as well as the pants. The military boots were by saviours this trip as I wore them constantly. Nothing more relaxed and just so stylish, worked with all my outfits, and under $30.



I LOVED my accessories this day. It was a good mix, of highs and lows. The FEARLESS bracelet was just over $25 and the cross bracelet I got in Miami from a stall for $10. The Marc Jacobs watch I also purchased in Miami for just under $200.

Talk to you soon sashers.


Sweater & Necklace – Forever 21 | similar here – as seen here

Pants & Boots- Urban Planet | as seen here – similar here

Bag РTory Burch 

Fearless Bracelets – BCBGeneration

Cross Bracelet – Miami Stall – similar here

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Ring – old | similar here

Canada Day..Eh!!

Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians. Hope you guys had a wonderful long weekend, for the ones who had the privilege of getting 4 days off. And for the rest of us who still had to walk in to work Monday like sad chaps…cheers to you as well ūüôā

I never get to go away or do anything on Canada day, that being because it’s my dad’s birthday and I obviously like to be around even if we’re doing nothing big. The last 2 years though have been taken over by weddings on the long weekend so you can imagine.

This outfit was from my trip to Chicago in April. I went to visit family and friends after literally decades. It was almost surreal. The city is quiet tiny I have to admit but lots of neat little tucked away places that you have to try .


Hands down the greatest hot dogs I have ever tried to date. Even if you aren’t big on having them, please do me a favor and line up for these bad boys. And if you’re lucky you won’t have the face the wrath of the windy city like I did for 40 mins(never again).


The day started early with having hot dog’s for breakfast(Anthony Bourdain’s top 13 places to eat before you die), and I made sure I covered everything I wanted as I was only there for a short period of time. We went to the Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum, went by the Willis Tower and saw Little India.


What more fitting way to bring this post to you than Canada Day with my red and white representing, whhhatttt!!!

It was obviously a lot chillier back then so my entire attire consisted of warm sweaters, and pants. What I did forget was to take a proper jacket and forget fashion for a split second.

The coat was a steal when I saw it on sale years ago, and if I’m not mistaken it was under $25. I absolutely love how it looks altgether with any outfit.



The purse was a little splurge one day that every girl needs. It’s just the right sized shoulder bag and a to-die-for accessory. Obviously this being on the more north side of $300 you always mix high and low pieces together to balance yourself out. The necklace was part of a Christmas gift from my sister.


For anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate wearing flats. But if there was any kind of flat shoe I would absolutely rave about would be TOMS. Man’s greatest invention and for the price that they come at($55) you can’t really complain. I can walk miles in these and never be in pain.


The tank and pants were both really low prices both under $20. The crew neck was purchased a while back and I just don’t remember which store I got it from, but I do know it was $60.

How do you guys celebrate Canada Day?? See you soon.


Pants – Urban Planet | similar here

Tank – Stitches | similar here

Crew Neck – old | similar here

Shoes РToms 

Watch – Betsey Johnson

Necklace – gifted | similar here

Glasses РDolce & Gabbana 

Purse РTory Burch 

Tin Man

photo 2 (3)

Silver is too bright for the day they said. You’ll be out of place they said. So I went ahead and did it. Sure I felt a bit tin man-ish at a baby shower, but really though if you aren’t standing out in a crowd, you’re not doing it right.

I got this dress as a gift from a family friend when I recently went to Chicago, and I am usually not big on people giving me articles of clothing as gifts, because they think they know your style but get it as wrong as you possibly can. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Not this time though. I was pleasantly surprised.

photo 1 (6)

I love the mesh neck line, which gives that whole sex appeal without making it look too scandalous, especially if you’re going to wear a dress like this in the day time like me. There’s no need for a necklace, because it would destroy the entire look. ¬†It had a thing silver belt, which only meant go over board with accessories otherwise in my world (yayyy!!!)

Iphoto 4 (2)

This bracelet is old to the point I don’t recall where it’s from, but I love the studs. It’s those pieces you get distracted with at a store because they’re so shiny.

photo 5 (1)

The ring is old as well just under $20, and I love the studded details around the massive rock in the middle. Imagine having this as an engagement ring. I’d be afraid of a finger getting chopped.

photo 3 (2)

The shoes and the studs you guys have seen in previous posts. Both are really statement pieces on any outfit you wear. What are your thoughts on getting clothes as gifts from people?


Dress – Gifted | similar here

Shoes – Target | previously seen here

Ring – Le Chateau | similar here

Bracelet – old | similar here

Studs – Aldo | previously seen here

Catching The Blues

photo 1 (3)

It’s almost the weekend and I couldn’t be happier. My family is moving, and J’s brother is having an engagement party. Between those two big events in life and everything else in between, you forget to be grateful for the little things. Like you guys!!! I really appreciate the warmth and receptiveness you’ve all given me. It’s something that cheers me up even on the bummiest of days. I watched “The Fault In Our Stars” yesterday and it was a real tear jerker. Found more love deep down inside for everyone around me. Life is way too short, enjoy every moment.


This silk blue top with silver sequence on it is so delicate and feels great on your skin. I wore a silver chain necklace($7) with it to keep it simple. The top was $24.

photo 4 (1)

photo 3

Everybody knows how slimming dark denim is, and it’s every girls favorite item. I got mine on with this top just to break the colors out a little. Tres comfy and stretchy, and only $30.

photo 2 (1)

The bracelets were part of a set but I just used the silver ones from it, they were under $10 and the ring was gifted.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

And my favorite part of this outfit was the clutch and the shoes. The shoes($80) are so fun to wear and don’t hurt your feet AT ALL!! And the clutch I purchased with a matching shirt at the time and I died over them. Probably one of my fav clutches ever ($40)

photo (8)

photo 1 (4)

What favorite pieces do you use over and over again?


Top – Winners | similar here

Jeans – Suzy Shier | similar here

Shoes – Aldo | similar here

Ring – gifted(from Aldo) | similar here

Bracelet – H&M | similar here

Necklace – Forever 21 | similar here

Clutch- French Connection | similar here



Spot Me

Ola sashers!!! I’m holding on to my word this time around, and I’m back with another outfit I wore to the same friends bachelorette party. I didn’t want to be too hoochie mama, I felt out of place showing too much skin that day. The leather top added just enough sexiness for me…and we all know how much I love leather. ¬†The top was under $25.

photo 3

The skirt is tres comfortable and very fitted from the top. It has an elastic bank and a white slip attached to the net overlay. The polka dots were not lacey though. It’s quiet old this skirt but another great bargain for under $30.

photo 2

You’ve seen the shoes many times before, also under $40.

photo 4

The clutch and the bracelet were gifts and the clutch is with a gold medallion on the side(yay to gifts honestly)


photo 1

The leather peplum top is also very very comfy, but if you’re smart which unlike me i’m sure you are don’t wear it on a hot day. I was going to faint at the club that night. Beyond uncomfy if you’re going to be moving around.

photo 5

The necklace was the only pop of color in this very monochromatic outfit. And I loved it. Silver sparkles and neon yellow beads. How do you go wrong my friends.

photo 8

What are you upto this summer? Will be back soon.


Skirt & Shoes – H&M | similar here-as seen here before

Top & Necklace- Forever 21 | similar here & here

Clutch – gifted | similar here

Bracelet Рgifted | similar here

Nails – Chanel

Brides Are Coming!

               photo 5

So clearly I am a pathological liar, and I do apologize for the 14791th time. I really do have so much going on, that I lose track of everything.Pretty sure things will settle down after the summer though, just not now. And as we all know wedding season is in full effect, and for me I will be attending my third wedding of the year already. I love attending weddings mostly because you get to dress up look at all the pretty things and get lost in the middle of thoughts *ouuu something shiny*. But it’s also the best way to start losing money, between showers, bachelorettes, outfits, gifts you’ve like used everything you thought you weren’t going to.

photo 6

This dress is quiet old and under $40. It’s a very dark hue of almost a purple and navy blue mix with peachy pink polka dots. The belt was the one that did it for me, it brings everything together so well.

photo 7

The shoes are old as well and on sale for under $20. The necklace was an old purchase too $35. I love this piece, and if I was smart would have let it sit in the box it came in. Because I literally spent 15 minutes untangling the darn thing.

photo 1

Watch is old too under $100, and the bracelet was gifted by J.

photo 4

It’s one of those breast cancer bracelets, very cute with pink and silver beads. The fish ring is stretchy so ¬†it’s great when you want to switch fingers when you get tired of wearing it on the same one.

photo 3

photo 8

I hope you guys have been having a splendid summer so far. Can’t wait for all the things coming up. Hope to hear from you guys.


Dress – H&M | similar here

Shoes – Charlotte Russe | similar here

Ring – Forever 21 | similar here

Bracelet – gifted | similar here

Watch – DKNY | similar here

Necklace – Juicy Couture | similar here


And Another One…

Ola!!! Yes so I’ve been MIA, don’t ask. I’ve had a lot of changes happening recently that needed my dire attention, and now that i’ve settled into some of those I can be more attentive to my precious(sashers).

How was the long weeked…for all my fellow Canadians? And for all you other lovely people, hope you had a great weekend as well.


My mom gave this dress to me out of nowhere, and we all know getting unexpected gifts is the best thing ever. First thing I thought of was “where can I wear this?” and my vacation just happened to be booked within days so I tagged it along. It’s a little on the warmer side which is wonderful for a breezy night on a tropical island. Very comfortable and flowy as you can see.


photo (8)

The necklace is one of my favorite pieces with its little stud detailing in black on black. Such an amazing shimmer to it. And very cheap as well (under $10)


The shoes are old but came at a cost of $80. I heart them beyond reason. I feel like I should be walking amongst Moses in the biblical times(ha!) Why am I so attractive when trying to pose you ask? Even I don’t know.


The top was on sale literally for $5 and the shorts were on sale as well for $14.99.

Can you tell how tanned I am?


I swear this is my last Cuba post, can’t wait to update you guys on my Chicago trip. THIS WEEK I PROMISE.

Dress – Gifted | similar here

Shoes – Old | similar here

Clutch – previously seen here

                                                                                  Necklace РForever 21 | similar here


Shorts – Suzy Shier | similar here

Top – Urban Planet | similar here

Shoes – as previously seen here

Clutch Рold | similar here


See you soon…xoxo!

Beautiful Havana

TGIF!!! Ever have one of those months where everything was just going haywire, and you didn’t which way to turn. That’s just it for this past April for me. They aren’t kidding when they say “when it pours it rains’. I learnt a lot about myself over this past month, one of those ¬†things being; how strong I really am. Not physically coz really let’s face it, I couldn’t save my life if I had to. But mostly mentally. Everyone cracks once in a while, but if you can make it through your toughest times just know you’ll make it through anything.





This man right here made the worlds longest tobacco. Pretty cool no?!?!


I wore a basic white tank (under $20) and linen shorts so I could be comfy all day, and man was I ever. Nude shoes, only because they elongate your legs that much more. The shorts were under $24 and the shoes were $19. I added a neon necklace($7) and used the same white clutch you saw two posts ago. And bam, I was ready to explore old and modern Havana.



I enjoyed Havana a lot, the best part of my Cuba trip. I would kill to go back on vacation right now, just so I can be in hibernation for a bit.

How do you guys get over your ruts??

Tank & Shorts – H&M | similar here & here

Shoes – old | similar here

Clutch – previously seen here

Necklace – Forever 21 | similar here

Glasses – Dolce & Gabbana