Fringe with Benefits

It’s kind of a bitter sweet end to this year. I didn’t travel as much as i would have liked to,and to make matters worse i’m still doing the same shitty job. On the bright side, i got this blog up and running which really excites me and i’m so much less bitchier about the upcoming year.

On to more important things, here’s my first Sash of the week.


I wore this black Fringe dress for my friend’s 29th birthday, and although i was skeptical in the beginning i must say i liked swooshing back and forth in it a lot. Down side to a fringe ladies, you get stuck into everything and everyone. Or maybe that’s not such a bad thing…*wink wink nudge nudge*

photo 1 (2)


The fringe is loopey, so it doesnt fall straight and i’m not lying when i say i was attached to a door knob, drawer, watch, strangers every half hour. But you need to suck it up and try something new. The dress was on sale for $10, literally. Original price was $49.99.

photo 4 (2)    photo 2 (2) ??????????

I kept my earings(on sale for $5) bright to have that pop in this outfit, as you should all know by now, anytime you wear a neutral bring something of your own pesronality into it. The clutch(on sale for $15) brought a whole other level of shimmer to this 60’s party. The silver leaf bracelet(very old $5) was really minimal, as i didn’t want to take away from the shoes and earings.

photo 1         photo 2

I love the chain link in the back of the shoe and the combination of red and zebra print, it really gives oomph to your shoes.

Dress – H&M – similar here

Clutch – H&M – similar here

Earings – H&M – similar here

Shoes – Call it Spring – similar here

Bracelet – old – similar here

There you go Sasher’s. I didn’t even spend more than $70 on this entire outfit, and even with all the similar purchases you’ll be good to go. If you still don’t have an outfit for New Years give fringe a try.Who knows, you might just hook up with someone…..seriously!

Hope you have a marvelous new years.



45 thoughts on “Fringe with Benefits

  1. Thx for your comment. I just posted a new one about heel. Love yours in this outfit

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