Crush Of The Week

Good afternoon Sashers ❤

I don’t know about you guys, but where I live (Toronto), the weather has lost its marbles. I’m considering moving  into an igloo(I kid you not). In three weeks we’ve seen multiple snow storms, people lose their power for days, and we had an ice storm. WHAT?!?!? Even the movie Frozen is laughing at us.

As I hibernate in my room I came across some gorg pieces and ofcourse found more gorg pieces to help you not break the bank.

derek lam belted trench coat $859

This 10 Crosby Derek Lam Belted Trench Coat (here) is a whopping $955(CDN).It’s a beauty and the bonus; it has leather sleeves*refer to previous post for my love of leather* It’s a piece you never ever have to get rid of. And since not everyone wants to spend that kind of cash I found a similiar piece online (here) for only $42.47. Ofcourse it’s faux leather, but you can still get the look without having buyers remorse.

YesStyle Z faux leather trench 40

And since we’re just starting up our winter days at this end, I’m obsessed with bolder prints right now which include anything with an animal on it. I found this gorgeous A.L.C long sleeved knit leapord dress via Intermix for $299.99. It’s perfect for the weather and if you haven’t yet learnt ladies, there’s a lot of sex appeal in an animal print. Unless you dress it up like Snooki, then I have nothing to say to you.

A.L.C Exclusive Leapord Longsleeve Knit Dress $299.99

So if you are going to go all wild cat on us, and aren’t looking to spend that much, worry not. I found a perfect piece within your budget. As always ASOS doesn’t disappoint with this mini bodycon dress with a polo neck which you can get here. And if you’re thinking “uhh why would I wear a polo neck”…stop right now. It’s a bodycon!!! Nobody is looking at your neck when you have this on.

ASOS Mini bodycon dress in leapord print with polo neck $49.29

Last but not least, anyone who knows me is well aware I die over shoes, and no crush is complete without a gorg pair. These bad boys are only $273 (here) considering they are a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s. And for everyone familiar with the shoe world, you know this is like the greatest deal ever. The gold zip on the side and the peep toe are just fab.

guiseppe zanotti alien shark tooth zipper boots 273

But if you aren’t going to be taking advantage of that delicious deal, I got another one for you here. It’s a Michael Antonio Kourtney bootie only for $44.25. It is a lot more simpler, but with a little ruching to it.

michael-antonio-womens-kourtney-ankle-bootie 44.25

Hope you enjoyed my picks Sashers. What was your favorite?



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