50 Shades Of Gray


That’s what it’s been feeling like as of late. I don’t know what it is about January, but it just suffocates me with it’s dreary weather. Or I wonder if it’s the sudden anxiety of Christmas spending and the lack of parties to attend after the festive season. Nonetheless, i’m not one to stop. I went to dinner a last week and had me some real yummo steak. And when you know you’ll be pounding down a meal like a caveman, dress for it!!!


KEY ITEMS: stretchy pants, in my case they were leather but a good slouchy sweater can hide all. I got my sweater for about $28 and the pants were $25. The shoes are older but were also on sale. It was love at first sight. Ladies, if you don’t own a pair of studded pumps you do not know what you are missing out on. There’s a whole other feeling inside of you once you put them on.


She did this! Contrary to what people feel about her style now, I still think some of her old pieces she wore were just stunning. And mind you, even a few recent outfits of hers have been gorg.


securedownload (4)

You stud you! (this ice btw is still here from that horrid ice storm) The pants have this stretchy cotton like material on the sides of the legs as well which I personally loved.

securedownload (3)


The knuckle ring is an old purchase but it was once again around $8, same goes for the bracelet which is quiet old. The shoulder bag is one of my favourites. It holds just enough stuff for you to be able to go out and not have to take your carry on with you. Bonus $20.

securedownload (1)       securedownload (2)

The chain necklace was $7 and at this point you can find one of these anywhere, and they go with basically any outfit you can put together. I really liked the zipper detail on the one shoulder. With such a basic outfit the little embellishments, details make a huge difference.

Sweater – Target | similar here

Leather Pants – Suzy Shier | similar here

Bracelet – old | similar here

Shoes – old | similar here

Watch – Betsey Johnson – similar here

Ring, Necklace & Bag – Forever 21 | similar here, here & here

Another day another dollar saved. How is your January going? See you in a few days Sashers.



8 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Gray

  1. Amazing! You capture this outfit very well! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Its a great way for blogs to get some publicity! I really hope you accept it, head over to my page to find out how! Great blog, hun and I love what you do!

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