I’m a Yeti!!

I went to my very good friends daughters 1st birthday party a couple of weeks ago. And like any other event, in any females life, the first thing you think of is “what will I wear?” It was a daytime event so you can’t be over the top nor can you show up in your jeans and flats(the enemy). So I obviously decided to stay subtle but with a little hint of me in it.

photo 2

The first comment J (bf) made was “I don’t like those yeti vests you wear.” Pretty standard for a boy. Anything out of the ordinary is just a shocker to them. But then I loved it. I was a walking talking mytholigcal ape like creature with makeup on.

photo 3

Trying to take pictures with your bff and bf doesn’t always work out. The Mossimo shoes were a solid purchase for $29 and my key to standing out with a monochramtic outfit. Pants are old as well but only $19.


This hands down is one of my favorite vests, it feels so soft and the faux fur on it is a little crimped. The only time crimping is acceptable-not on your own hair. The vest was $21, and the sweater underneath is cashmere. Possibly the softest cashmere I have felt on my skin. It’s quiet old though, but a piece you do not get rid of.


photo 4

The cross necklace was $10, and I love the blinged out pope look to it.

photo 1

The ring is old ($15) and so is the clutch $19. The silver and black shiny cris crosses were a great touch because they went perfectly with my vest.

Vest – Forever 21 | similar here

Pants – Urban Planet | similar here

Ring – Aldo | similar here

Clutch – Costa Blanca | similar here

Sweater – Isaac Mizrahi | similar here

Shoes – Target | similar here

Necklace – Forever 21 | similar here

Nails – Essie Very Structured


See you on the weekend sashers.



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