Red Lips & Camel

Another week, and another storm in this city. The snow gods hate Canadians right now. I’ve been heavily considering moving to a tropical island in the near future…by which I mean get married and birth babies there as well. Due to the temperatures it’s very hard to even think of wearing something that isn’t made of real fur. But since we can’t all be doing that, I’m sticking with knitwear.


Another birthday dinner(yes I attend many), and the only thing I was willing to bare was my toes. I’m staying a lot more simpler these days, which might have a lot to do with the fact that it’s constantly gloomy here. You don’t even want to touch the bright colors right now. The sweater is older (under $30) and I adore the sequin across the shoulders and back. It’s like elbow patches…but not -_-



This oversized clutch was a gift my girlfriend brought back from England, so yay another freebie. But it’s fantastic. It fits more than you need, which in my world is a major plus. And there’s multiple hues and textures of camel and gold on it.


The shoes are also older (under $40) and tres comfortable. There’s a teeny tiny zipper in the back for you to slip your little feet in there and they do not give you that uncomfortable peep toe pain. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The pants you guys saw in the previous post-they’re my favorite.


This little bug has rhinestones right in the middle and is so 3D. A very old piece but a keeper.


Sweater – Forever 21 | similar here

Pants as previously seen – Urban Planet

Necklace – old | similar here

Shoes – old | similar here

Clutch – gifted | similar here

What are your go to items this winter sashers?



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