Stripes & Coins

It seems as though every time I write up a post either a storm has gone by or is on its way. Yup!! Tomorrow we get 20cm of snow. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how to even make it through these days anymore, but I’m going to have to suck it up. Thank God I never shovel snow.


SEE ALL THAT SNOW!! Anyway I went for a birthday lunch and once again kept it very basic. Although about 3 people asked me what game I’m referee’ing(all boys), I adore stripes. The shirt was $19.99, the top has a silky feeling and the sleeves are a fitted cotton material.


The floral black pants were $30 and they kind of have a leather shine to them, and make you feel so confident.



The ring has the cutest stones $15 and the bracelet was one of 4 I purchased in Miami a couple of years ago, very cheap $10. The clutch is as simple as it gets and very old.


The coin necklace is very old but it was the perfect piece for a daytime gathering, subtle but still makes people want to grab and question where it’s from. It has a very antique feeling and rusting to it which generally I don’t enjoy, but I made an exception this time.


The shoes have a bit of a platform and are one of my favourite pairs. Although they are high, tres comfy. Only $40.

Shoes, Clutch & Shirt – H&M | similar here, here & here

Pants – Suzy Shier | similar here

Necklace – old | similar here

Ring – Aldo | similar here

Bracelet – old |similar here

Hope you guys are having better weather than I am.






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