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 Recently I have had zero motivation to work, go out or even get out of bed. I just lay around watching aimless hours of television. And by that I mean catching up on my shows, currently being Sons of Anarchy(love it). It wasn’t until the end of last week that through some miracle of God I was just bombarded with positivity from other people and words of inspiration. It felt amazing, and gave me something to work towards, and set a goal for myself again. I can’t wait to just stay focused and determined and get past the rut I was caught in.

Enough of this serious talk, here’s my look from a dinner I was at a while ago.


This dress($30) has the perfect pear flow to it. It fits just right at your chest and with the belt has a great cinch, and has the flare if/when you don’t want your baby bearing hips to show. I’m sure some will argue that dresses like this make you look more hefty, but it’s all about how you wear your dress.


I accessorized with black and gold because of the nude dress. I think black pops your nude outfits more than anything. It doesn’t look as plain jane anymore. The key was my red lips, because let’s face it with my skin tone and the dress I didn’t want to be washed out.


I wore my favourite Michael Kors watch, it’s just the right kind of oversized. It was gifted so yay for more free stuff.


The necklace is one of my favourite statement pieces i own, it is quiet old and I have used it many times. There’s no wrong way to wear this. ($10)


I love black shoes, I own so many pairs, and my sister always wondered why I did that. I think she might have finally understood the quality in a black pair. It goes with EVERYTHING!!! These shoes are so comfortable, also an old pair but the cut out lace up adds drama which I love. ($30)


Don’t they look like little crystals put together in an amazing piece. Adore this ring, it’s massive and just such a beautiful colour. ($8)


Dress – Suzy Shier | similar here

Shoes & Necklace – Forever 21 | similar here here 

Ring – H&M | similar here

Watch – Michael Kors | similar here

Hope you guys have an amazing week ahead.





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