Sporty Spice

In between all our girly get up’s It doesn’t hurt to add in a little bit of masculinity into it. Whether it’s your boyfriends old shirt, a hoodie or you just went out and purchased something to re-ignite the tomboy in you. I’m not going to lie growing up I hated being dressed up in dresses. Probably coz my mom dressed me and my sister the same and I’m 7 years older than her. NOT CUTE!! I loved wearing baggy jeans, big plaid shirts and I would always have the most recent kicks you could. This kind of was my homage to my more “boyish” days.


It’s as basic as it gets, but it just is fun to wear. You wouldn’t be expected to wear this normally I suppose. The skirt is older but it’s so comfortable, it’s fitted but not too tight. Only $34.


The studs are old as well, and it was the only accessory I wore, given their size. And it was just enough for this outfit. They were under $20 as well.

The inspiration!!!

Tsecuredownload (6)

I love the leather sleeves on this jacket, it gives a bit more edge to it ($24)


If it helps I also had a boyish hair cut back in the day….more like a comb over *shivers*

Skirt – H&M | similar here

Jacket – Urban Planet | similar here

Shoes – old | similar here

Studs – Aldo | similar here



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