A Little Bit of Cuba

One of my very close girlfriends and I recently just went to Cuba. We literally decided over drinks we need to get away, and so we did. There’s nothing better than a spontaneous trip. You don’t even get time to really get amped up and you’re already there. We stayed in Varadero and went to soak up some of the history in Havana as well. Beautiful city I must say.


My go to’s on vacation are always either very flowy outfits, or just plain short. I feel like you can just get away with a lot more when travelling. And you’re at so much more ease, your entire mind and body are relaxed. Of course one must stay within their boundaries.


This dress is quiet old, and was on sale as well. Although it looks white it’s a very light grey. The ruffles give it such a feminine touch. Only got it for under $15.


As you can see it didn’t take me long to get super dark. I kept a white simple clutch and didn’t add much accessories to this outfit at all. It’s so old, I had purchased 3 in different colors.



The shoes were gold with stones to work perfectly with this outfit. Another old item and it was under $20.

New Image

Will post more updates on my vacation, especially because it snowed yesterday. I KID YOU NOT!!!


Dress – Forever 21 | similar here

Sandals – old | similar here

Clutch – old | similar here



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