Beautiful Havana

TGIF!!! Ever have one of those months where everything was just going haywire, and you didn’t which way to turn. That’s just it for this past April for me. They aren’t kidding when they say “when it pours it rains’. I learnt a lot about myself over this past month, one of those  things being; how strong I really am. Not physically coz really let’s face it, I couldn’t save my life if I had to. But mostly mentally. Everyone cracks once in a while, but if you can make it through your toughest times just know you’ll make it through anything.





This man right here made the worlds longest tobacco. Pretty cool no?!?!


I wore a basic white tank (under $20) and linen shorts so I could be comfy all day, and man was I ever. Nude shoes, only because they elongate your legs that much more. The shorts were under $24 and the shoes were $19. I added a neon necklace($7) and used the same white clutch you saw two posts ago. And bam, I was ready to explore old and modern Havana.



I enjoyed Havana a lot, the best part of my Cuba trip. I would kill to go back on vacation right now, just so I can be in hibernation for a bit.

How do you guys get over your ruts??

Tank & Shorts – H&M | similar here & here

Shoes – old | similar here

Clutch – previously seen here

Necklace – Forever 21 | similar here

Glasses – Dolce & Gabbana


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