And Another One…

Ola!!! Yes so I’ve been MIA, don’t ask. I’ve had a lot of changes happening recently that needed my dire attention, and now that i’ve settled into some of those I can be more attentive to my precious(sashers).

How was the long weeked…for all my fellow Canadians? And for all you other lovely people, hope you had a great weekend as well.


My mom gave this dress to me out of nowhere, and we all know getting unexpected gifts is the best thing ever. First thing I thought of was “where can I wear this?” and my vacation just happened to be booked within days so I tagged it along. It’s a little on the warmer side which is wonderful for a breezy night on a tropical island. Very comfortable and flowy as you can see.


photo (8)

The necklace is one of my favorite pieces with its little stud detailing in black on black. Such an amazing shimmer to it. And very cheap as well (under $10)


The shoes are old but came at a cost of $80. I heart them beyond reason. I feel like I should be walking amongst Moses in the biblical times(ha!) Why am I so attractive when trying to pose you ask? Even I don’t know.


The top was on sale literally for $5 and the shorts were on sale as well for $14.99.

Can you tell how tanned I am?


I swear this is my last Cuba post, can’t wait to update you guys on my Chicago trip. THIS WEEK I PROMISE.

Dress – Gifted | similar here

Shoes – Old | similar here

Clutch – previously seen here

                                                                                  Necklace – Forever 21 | similar here


Shorts – Suzy Shier | similar here

Top – Urban Planet | similar here

Shoes – as previously seen here

Clutch – old | similar here


See you soon…xoxo!


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