Brides Are Coming!

               photo 5

So clearly I am a pathological liar, and I do apologize for the 14791th time. I really do have so much going on, that I lose track of everything.Pretty sure things will settle down after the summer though, just not now. And as we all know wedding season is in full effect, and for me I will be attending my third wedding of the year already. I love attending weddings mostly because you get to dress up look at all the pretty things and get lost in the middle of thoughts *ouuu something shiny*. But it’s also the best way to start losing money, between showers, bachelorettes, outfits, gifts you’ve like used everything you thought you weren’t going to.

photo 6

This dress is quiet old and under $40. It’s a very dark hue of almost a purple and navy blue mix with peachy pink polka dots. The belt was the one that did it for me, it brings everything together so well.

photo 7

The shoes are old as well and on sale for under $20. The necklace was an old purchase too $35. I love this piece, and if I was smart would have let it sit in the box it came in. Because I literally spent 15 minutes untangling the darn thing.

photo 1

Watch is old too under $100, and the bracelet was gifted by J.

photo 4

It’s one of those breast cancer bracelets, very cute with pink and silver beads. The fish ring is stretchy so  it’s great when you want to switch fingers when you get tired of wearing it on the same one.

photo 3

photo 8

I hope you guys have been having a splendid summer so far. Can’t wait for all the things coming up. Hope to hear from you guys.


Dress – H&M | similar here

Shoes – Charlotte Russe | similar here

Ring – Forever 21 | similar here

Bracelet – gifted | similar here

Watch – DKNY | similar here

Necklace – Juicy Couture | similar here



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