Canada Day..Eh!!

Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians. Hope you guys had a wonderful long weekend, for the ones who had the privilege of getting 4 days off. And for the rest of us who still had to walk in to work Monday like sad chaps…cheers to you as well 🙂

I never get to go away or do anything on Canada day, that being because it’s my dad’s birthday and I obviously like to be around even if we’re doing nothing big. The last 2 years though have been taken over by weddings on the long weekend so you can imagine.

This outfit was from my trip to Chicago in April. I went to visit family and friends after literally decades. It was almost surreal. The city is quiet tiny I have to admit but lots of neat little tucked away places that you have to try .


Hands down the greatest hot dogs I have ever tried to date. Even if you aren’t big on having them, please do me a favor and line up for these bad boys. And if you’re lucky you won’t have the face the wrath of the windy city like I did for 40 mins(never again).


The day started early with having hot dog’s for breakfast(Anthony Bourdain’s top 13 places to eat before you die), and I made sure I covered everything I wanted as I was only there for a short period of time. We went to the Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum, went by the Willis Tower and saw Little India.


What more fitting way to bring this post to you than Canada Day with my red and white representing, whhhatttt!!!

It was obviously a lot chillier back then so my entire attire consisted of warm sweaters, and pants. What I did forget was to take a proper jacket and forget fashion for a split second.

The coat was a steal when I saw it on sale years ago, and if I’m not mistaken it was under $25. I absolutely love how it looks altgether with any outfit.



The purse was a little splurge one day that every girl needs. It’s just the right sized shoulder bag and a to-die-for accessory. Obviously this being on the more north side of $300 you always mix high and low pieces together to balance yourself out. The necklace was part of a Christmas gift from my sister.


For anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate wearing flats. But if there was any kind of flat shoe I would absolutely rave about would be TOMS. Man’s greatest invention and for the price that they come at($55) you can’t really complain. I can walk miles in these and never be in pain.


The tank and pants were both really low prices both under $20. The crew neck was purchased a while back and I just don’t remember which store I got it from, but I do know it was $60.

How do you guys celebrate Canada Day?? See you soon.


Pants – Urban Planet | similar here

Tank – Stitches | similar here

Crew Neck – old | similar here

Shoes – Toms 

Watch – Betsey Johnson

Necklace – gifted | similar here

Glasses – Dolce & Gabbana 

Purse – Tory Burch 


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