The Windy City

OH HEY!!! *looks around nervously* in all honesty though I have been in the middle of a move with my family and I never realized what a torture packing and moving is. I never want to do it again. But enough about me, how have my sashers been doing 🙂 I’m going to be updating this site real soon and have all the sparkles and yummy goodness up and running, so stay tuned.

This dress I wore on one of the nights I went out with my cousins to a club(did remind me how old I am)but it was a lot of fun. Partying outside of your city is completely different. I didn’t expect this kind of a night in Chicago but I was impressed.

photo 1

I’m not even going to lie this dress was an emergency purchase during work one day. Don’t ask why, but it was direly important. And the day-to-night transition on this dress is amazing.


I love the cut out details on this dress, simplistic but gorgeous.

photo 2

I only accessorized with my watch and the studded clutch. The dress was $34.95, and you’ve seen the shoes and watch previously. The clutch is a few years old from a store that’s now shut down.

photo 3

photo 4

I’m going to be back with lots more posts about recent bridal showers and weddings. As well as my trip to Montreal a few weekends ago, and i’ll be headed back there again this month so look out for that. What trips have you guys been taking this summer?

photo 5




Dress – H&M | similar here

Shoes – Target | as seen here

Clutch – Costa Blanca | similar here

Watch – Betsey Johnson | as seen here 




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