That Slit Tho..

Hi my lovely sashers…how is everyone doing? I’ve finally settled into my new place and my room is actually a room(not the clutter box I had originally made it). Recently I have been feeling a little down and out about my weight and I thought I’d share my thoughts and hear back from all of you. So let’s get serious.


I’ve never been a size 2, or 4 heck even a 6. I’m 5’5 and I have always had a more larger physique. Growing up I was always the giant in the class as my growth spurt happened a lot faster than the other girls. So imagine being this height at the age of 11. I hit puberty before anyone else did and I hated my overall experience with being a girl. Which then became the main reason I was such a tomboy.


Everyone around me constantly picked on me including my friends and family. I had very low self esteem, I was beyond shy and reserved. I had a lot of friends, but was never comfortable in my own skin. And I doubt anyone realized that. Eventually I used my thick skin(literally..ha!) to become almost a bully. I stopped caring about what people said and just accepted that this was my body and I was never going to be small. And then I went to College, and exploded. I was 200 pounds.  And even then I was in denial about how unhealthy that was. As long as I was happy, doing normal things and dating someone it didn’t matter what anyone else thought.

That was wrong of me.


I had knee pains, I got bunyons due to the weight. I COULDN’T EVEN WEAR HEELS! And for anyone who knows me, I love my heels. It still didn’t bother me. People were still commenting on how big I got. Eventually 2011 came around and I thought it was time to make a little bit of a difference in my life. I didn’t join the gym or anything just simply cut junk food out of my life, mostly fries. I started to shed a little bit of weight and it felt great.


It’s 2014 and I can proudly say I’ve lost over 45 pounds, and I am very happy. Anyone who loses weight should embrace how far they have come. I have been sitting around pouting about how I don’t look like this celebrity and that celebrity but I just need to be thankful for being healthy. Ladies be conscious of what you eat and how much you exercise. Don’t let all this body image talk put you down. I know seeing all these scandalous pictures on instagram doesn’t help, since it’s constantly in our faces but do you!


3 years ago I would have never even thought about wearing a dress like this. I don’t have skinny legs, I’m not by far as fit or toned as I would like to be. But confidence oozes in your every inch. And that’s where it starts. Get your head right and the rest will come along.




I’m hoping to get more fit by the end of this year, and keep the weight off and eat healthier. Always stay shining sashers, and don’t let anyone bring you down. I learnt the hard way. On the bright side I love this dress to death. The corset part is leather(duh) and very stretchy and comfy. The bottom half has slits on both sides, and was completely sheer. I paired it with some beautiful shoes and a custom necklace and a pearl bracelet. Kept it all under $200, and kept my pocket very happy. I hope to hear from you guys. Stay blessed.



Dress – Suzy Shier | similar here

Shoes – Nine West | similar here

Necklace – Custom | similar here

Bracelet – old | similar here


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