The Windy City

OH HEY!!! *looks around nervously* in all honesty though I have been in the middle of a move with my family and I never realized what a torture packing and moving is. I never want to do it again. But enough about me, how have my sashers been doing 🙂 I’m going to be updating […]


Catching The Blues

It’s almost the weekend and I couldn’t be happier. My family is moving, and J’s brother is having an engagement party. Between those two big events in life and everything else in between, you forget to be grateful for the little things. Like you guys!!! I really appreciate the warmth and receptiveness you’ve all given […]


Spot Me

Ola sashers!!! I’m holding on to my word this time around, and I’m back with another outfit I wore to the same friends bachelorette party. I didn’t want to be too hoochie mama, I felt out of place showing too much skin that day. The leather top added just enough sexiness for me…and we all […]


Brides Are Coming!

                So clearly I am a pathological liar, and I do apologize for the 14791th time. I really do have so much going on, that I lose track of everything.Pretty sure things will settle down after the summer though, just not now. And as we all know wedding […]


Beautiful Havana

TGIF!!! Ever have one of those months where everything was just going haywire, and you didn’t which way to turn. That’s just it for this past April for me. They aren’t kidding when they say “when it pours it rains’. I learnt a lot about myself over this past month, one of those  things being; […]


Happy (belated) Easter

Ola Sashers!!! Happy Easter to everyone who celebrated. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Most of mine was spent in Church and with family, just like it should have been. Was not too happy going back to work that’s for sure. What better way to send my wishes that somewhat of an Easter inspiration […]


A Little Bit of Cuba

One of my very close girlfriends and I recently just went to Cuba. We literally decided over drinks we need to get away, and so we did. There’s nothing better than a spontaneous trip. You don’t even get time to really get amped up and you’re already there. We stayed in Varadero and went to […]


Think Pink

TGIF!!! I can’t explain the amount of happiness that’s brewing inside of me due to this week ending. It was probably one of the most hectic work weeks I have had in a while. And on top of everything I was out and about daily with my friends. Hope you guys have fun stuff planned […]


Pretty Little Peacock

Well hello there sashers 🙂 It’s been a while. In all fairness though, between valentines day and last week I have been warped with J. It was his big 30 last week and the entire time was spent celebrating with him. I promise I will be more available from now on. How was everyone’s v-day? […]


Valentine’s Day Inspiration

I’m not a big fan of valentines day, never have been. But I always seem to celebrate and go the whole nine yards. Not coz I don’t love a little more attention from J that day, I just feel that it’s excessively materialistic. Last year he cooked a 3 course meal for me and I […]

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